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INOWAI, the property leader in Luxembourg

Our knowledge of the Luxembourg market, our expertise and our commitment to the various assignments entrusted to us are what make INOWAI the major player in the property business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our vision? If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

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Our exclusive properties


Appartement meublé 1 chambre

2 050 €/month

  • 63 m2
  • 1 bedroom


Appartement 1 chambre

1 650 €/month

  • 63 m2
  • 1 bedroom


Penthouse 3 chambres

3 350 €/month

  • 187 m2
  • 3 bedrooms


Appartement 2 chambres

1 528 625 €

  • 113 m2
  • 2 bedrooms


Appartement 2 chambres

1 446 628 €

  • 113 m2
  • 2 bedrooms


Duplex 3 chambres

1 765 971 €

  • 147 m2
  • 3 bedrooms


Appartement 2 chambres

1 335 361 €

  • 124 m2
  • 2 bedrooms


Appartement 2 chambres

1 393 153 €

  • 126 m2
  • 2 bedrooms


Cabinet médical

936 799 €

  • 86 m2
  • 1 bedroom

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INOWAI's Observatoire de l’immobilier

INOWAI's Observatoire de l’immobilier (property watch) provides you with all the latest and most relevant information on the property market.

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Owner, investor, private buyer/seller: discover our property purchase and sale services


Apartment, house, parking spaces, non-standard properties, new-build or existing properties: we have what you are looking for

Investment advice

Tailored advice and support, whether you are a developer in the design phase, a property owner or merely looking to invest in the buy-to-let property market.

Property manager

General meetings of co-owners, monitoring of maintenance contracts and of external service providers, administrative, accounting and financial management services, prompt incident response, compliance with procedures and maintaining your rights.

Rental management

Administrative, accounting and technical management: our team manages and optimises your property assets [house(s) and/or apartment(s)]

Property valuations

We can provide a professional valuation of your property in Luxembourg, whether it is a house, an apartment, a building or a non-standard property.