Acquisition of the company Immocube



INOWAI Group has finalized the acquisition of Immocube, active in the rental management of properties and residential property management. It manages a portfolio of 819 lots in 73 buildings in trustee and / or rental management.
Residential Property Management’s portfolio now stands at over 110 properties and close to 2,000 lots.

Immocube was created in 2009 and has been managed since then by its founders Monique Feidt and Sidney Schamburger and two collaborators. They will gradually integrate the Residential Property Management division.
This operation is part of INOWAI’s growth strategy and achieves a critical size that will contribute to the improvement and continuity of its services.

Residential Property Management continues to grow. He has just been retained for the residential property management of the SOHO project of Besix RED and SOLUDEC composed of 167 lots, located in the district of the Station.