Micheline De Munck promoted as COO and Head of Property Management for INOWAI Belgium


INOWAI has announced that Micheline De Munck has been appointed as COO and Head of Property Management for its Belgian branch. The main aim of this move is to increasingly develop the brand in Belgium.

Micheline De Munck took up the post of COO and Head of Property Management for INOWAI Belgium in a bid to establish the mark of the company on the Belgian market, particularly in order to stimulate the “Retail” and “Property Management” departments.

Expanding on the branches in France and Luxembourg, which are already well-established, Vincent Bechet, Managing Director and Partner for INOWAI is launching a two-pronged approach to the Belgian branch. He aims to develop the core business in geographical zones in the various regions of our country (Brussels, Liège, Namur, Antwerp and Ghent) and to stamp the INOWAI brand in a global cross-border strategy involving Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Since the spring of 2014, INOWAI has had its headquarters in Brussels, at 120 Chaussée de La Hulpe, in the famous building, Solaris (when INOWAI established itself in Belgium at the end of 2011, its name was Property Partners). The choice of building was not random, as it applies some of the company’s core values (in environmental terms, it is a BREEAM building).

Real estate is part of her identity

Showcasing credentials in Business Management (HUB, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, university in Brussels) and Facility Management (Hogeschool, Sint-Niklaas), Micheline De Munck, who is 45 years old, has a strong record of experience in the real estate sector. Since 1990, she has held high-ranking positions in highly renowned companies in this sector.

Responsible for accounting and financial aspects, her first role began in 1990 in the financial division of a group that is a key player in the real estate market in Sweden (Aranäs). She handled investments in the Brussels segment and stayed in this role until 1998.

Over the course of her professional career, Micheline has expanded her repertoire in the real estate sector. This has included holding a position from 1998 to 2004 in A.P.M. Belgium (a Management Group), where her role as Head of Assets and Property Management added another string to her bow, namely access to the market in Luxembourg.

Subsequently, she continued along the same path in companies Atisreal Property Management Services (2004), and BNP Paribas Property Management (2005-2008). Between 2009 and 2013, she became CEO and used her managerial skills to benefit Sogesmaint-CBRE. In 2013, Micheline became Partner/Head of Property Management for CBRE Property and Asset Management.

Her enthusiasm and determination mean that Micheline De Munck is prepared to take on a new challenge; that of establishing major links as part of INOWAI missions towards Belux, and vice versa. On the ground, she will lead a team of 3, with the main focus being on the retail market of small businesses and larger-scale shopping centres. What’s more, creating a Property Management department will enable a synergy and visibility that will connect it with other departments in the group.

Human values are considered first and foremost

With her philosophy on and own view of people management, Micheline De Munck hopes to propagate common values, as she has made clear from the outset that “figures are important, but the human aspect also makes a lot of difference in whether targets are reached.” She has taken stock of her new responsibility, her role as a woman in the business world and insists on basic tenets of respect, team spirit, transparency and team building.

On a more personal note, Micheline has shown great commitment to voluntary work for Joséphine, an organisation that provides assistance to poorly children and parents who are struggling with financial problems. In this capacity and together with 5 other volunteers, she organises fundraising events every year.

Micheline’s leisure activities include spending time with her family, swimming, travelling and visiting exhibitions.