Our goal is to ensure the sustainability of your property asset by following the market trends which are constantly evolving and integrating them with the new environmental and energy regulations.

Our expertise in sustainable development

INOWAI is a leader in its unique approach to property and to sustainable development. We certify buildings and offer you our expertise on environmental questions in the context of residential development projects.

Besides this, we have also been the first to initiate an International HQE™ Operations Certification (excluding France).

Advice on the planning of big estates or eco-neighbourhoods, management of waste streams, social networks, improving the lives of residents… INOWAI Residential will evaluate your investments in the medium and long term by working in-depth with the various dimensions of the property’s sustainable development.

Our plan of action

INOWAI has developed a unique methodology based on participative management. This includes the managing of complaints and pro-active and attentive monitoring in real time.

Are you an invester wishing to benefit from our expertise in sustainable development advice? By getting in touch with our team, we will give you a new perspective on your projects.

INOWAI Residential is situated in the heart of Luxembourg and is open every day, including Sunday when the City allows it. Do not hesitate to contact us or pay us a visit to consult with us about your project.