In an evolving market, one either sinks or swims ! We have chosen to innovate continuously as constant lifestyle changes where technology keeps a constant watch on the market, information feeds a vicious circle.

Investment advice

INOWAI Residential can look at your personal profile and advise what your strategy should be. Our team of experts offers you custom-made support, whether you are a developer in the conception phase, an owner or wish to invest in a property to put up for rent.

Optimising your contributions

We take into account various tax systems and accelerated depreciation solutions to maximise your investment. For example, we can help you to buy a new apartment off-plan to put on the rental market and can envision, in time, to double your contributions across mechanisms which are perfectly controlled by our experts.

A team dedicated to your service

Investing in property in Luxembourg requires specialised expert advice. INOWAI’s years’ of experience as a leader in the commercial property of the Grand-Duchy, assures you of accurate and personalised support to ensure that your assets bear fruit.

Are you a buyer or an investor and wish to benefit from our experience?

The INOWAI Residential team is available 7 days/7 at our agency situated at 1, rue Philippe II in Luxembourg. You can also contact us by phone or send us a message.