INOWAI Residential has 15 years’ expertise in managing your assets.

Evaluating your property

Are you a property owner wanting an valuation? INOWAI Residential will do a professional valuation of your Luxembourg property, whether it be a house, an apartment, a building or an atypical property.

The property evaluation : a rigourous exercise

A successful transaction is one that esentially results in a fixed price in accordance with the market. It is a difficult exercise demanding one to be methodical, and to have a perfect knowlede of the market. With INOWAI Residential, your property evaluation will be done by a qualified evaluator who will proceed with complete accuracy when evaluating of your asset.

A complete appraisal of your asset

The evaluation of a property depends on several factors. It consists of a relevant barometer and a rigourous management tool which is predetermined at every property-making decision. Type of asset, supply and demand, arbitration of over-evaluation and contextual analysis are also elements that our team of experts take into consideration.

INOWAI Residential evaluates your property with objectivity and professionalism. Contact us or pay us a visit: we can assure you that our employees are always here to support you and to look out for your best interests.

Do you wish to have your property evaluated? To find out more or to contact us about the services we have to offer, we are situated in the city centre of Luxembourg where we have an agency. We are also contactable by email or telephone.