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The areas of expertise of INOWAI France

In 2014 Property Partners, leading commercial real estate group, became INOWAI. This name change is very much in line with the strategy of expanding internationally as adopted by INOWAI in 2011 when offices were set up in Belgium and then in France in 2012.

Although all the branches of INOWAI are united in following and supporting the same set of values that earned the group its reputation, each branch has its own specificities, ambitions and areas of professional expertise that it can offer. This allows each one to adapt the business to the local culture, and means that the group can offer multiple, different services. It is also, more generally, a structurally effective approach to expanding internationally.

Independence and cross-border strategy as factors enabling efficiency

The INOWAI Group successfully established its French branch by developing and implementing a thorough cross-border strategy. The result can be measured directly and consists in very short circuits that are able to go beyond the limits of borders to quickly and efficiently provide tailored, turnkey services.

The branch is therefore responsive, which means that internally there is absolutely no bureaucracy. A complete division of tasks among a select body of staff, together with a short decision-making chain also play a part in these dynamics. Professional qualities of being proactive, using initiative and working independently in file management are not only encouraged, but also highly valued, in our French branch. This dynamic spirit of making decisions completely independently without needing to go through a complex hierarchical process ensures there is a considerable amount of time saved when managing projects and this reinforces the commercially dynamic approach that is already adopted throughout the INOWAI group. This translates into better customer service and long-term mutual trust being built with all of our business partners.

Ambition on a human scale

The ambition of the French branch of INOWAI comes down to the human capital. Since it can rely on an infrastructure that is already running and organised, INOWAI France continues to expand as the portfolio of professional skills goes from strength to strength. The team is currently made up of Christian Roussia as Commercial Director and Pauline Gallouedec as Commercial Assistant. The plan is to complete the team by taking on a new Commercial Assistant while Pauline Gallouedec is promoted to the role of Marketer for High Streets in the main French towns. As the scope of its business activities continues to grow, INOWAI France also hopes to increase the team to 5 or 6, as required, by 2016-2017. Besides, one of the main strengths of our Metz office is its ability to cover the whole of the national territory without needing to set up offices in all major metropolitan cities. This advantageous situation results in greater flexibility and an excellent knowledge of the French real estate market as a whole.

The areas of expertise of INOWAI France

One of the parts regularly played by our French branch is still as Marketer, whose duties include managing the ideal merchandising for a new centre that is being developed. The other part of its role involves being responsible for commercialising existing assets, in situations when a company leaves a site and must be replaced.

Another activity pursued notably by our French team is a support role on behalf of third parties during the processes of arbitrage of assets to buy or sell. Besides, it is interesting to notes that our team being involved in the arbitrage of assets is a specificity of ours, and one that we plan to highlight more in the future.

A final aspect of the support role is that one of the principal aims of INOWAI France is to follow and support companies as they develop, including beyond the territorial borders.

Once again, what we offer our clients is a whole range of services and skills, thanks to the intelligent management of human capital and due to the organisation being multi-faceted.

Contact our French retail team:

Christian Roussia
Directeur Commercial - France