Real Estate Valuation

real estate valuation

Using tools suited to international requirements and national specifics, INOWAI carries out its assessments in a methodical and precise manner.

Valuation constitutes a relevant barometer and a rigorous tool prior to any real estate decision. Depending on the customer’s needs, it reflects the market rental value, the market value of the building, the value of the key money or the value of a real estate asset within the framework of the IFRS standards or corporate financial statements.

Our team of experts is trained to assess all types of assets (lands, office or residential buildings, commercial premises, etc.) and it rigorously applies rules and best practices as a RICS member.

Investment and commercial banks, pension funds, private investors, Family Offices, real estate owners as well as many economic players avail themselves of our services for an assessment of their assets or their acquisition projects. We are honoured by their confidence.


Contact our Valuation team:

Marc Baertz
Head of Valuation & Partner