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Our onboarding process

Have you made it through all the recruitment steps, accepted a job offer from us and signed your employment contract? Congratulations and welcome aboard! You’re about to take your first steps with INOWAI. 

We have constructed a reliable and complete integration process to enable you to quickly increase your productivity and independence. 

This process is intended to be structured and adapted to suit our culture and our values. We pay special attention to follow-up and support from Human Resources and from the Manager, and also to the sharing of the knowledge and expertise that already exist within our teams. 

We want this integration period (lasting 6 months) to be stress-free, and for you to be propelled along your path to success from the moment you arrive, by having all the keys put in your hands quickly. That’s why we put the emphasis on clear, effective communication, even before your first day begins.

  1. The program includes:

    • Reception by Human Resources and the Manager
    • Personal words of welcome from the Management and from future colleagues
    • General introduction to the company, its organisation and culture
    • Discovery of the working environment through a guided tour of the premises
    • Assignment of a Buddy who will guide you through the more informal stages of the onboarding
    • Welcome lunch with the team
    • Clear and precise definition of the objectives expected by the Manager, who will provide follow-up
    • Regular feedback
    • Discovery of our business thanks to introductions by the managers of each activity cluster
    • Satisfaction survey so that you can evaluate the integration period