Onboarding process

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Our onboarding process

Have you completed all the stages of the recruitment process, accepted our job offer, and signed your employment contract? Congratulations and welcome! You are about to take your first steps at INOWAI.

We have built a robust and comprehensive onboarding process to help you quickly gain productivity and autonomy.

This journey is structured and tailored to our culture and values. We pay special attention to support and guidance from the Human Resources and the Manager, as well as sharing existing knowledge and expertise within the team members.


  • Greetings by Human Resources and the Manager.
  • Personalised greetings from the management and future colleagues.
  • General presentation of the company, its organisation, and culture.
  • Discovery of the work environment through a guided tour of the premises.
  • Appointment of a buddy who will guide through the more informal stages of onboarding.
  • Welcome lunch with the team.
  • Definition of clear and precise objectives expected by the Manager, who will ensure follow-up.
  • Regular feedback.
  • Exploration of our professions through they key employees of each department.
  • Satisfaction questionnaire on the recruitment and onboarding process.