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Our recruitment process

Has a job offer caught your eye? Would you like to apply for a job with us? Don’t wait any longer! Send us your CV by applying HERE so that you can be included in our recruitment process, which takes place in several stages, as described below.

A streamlined recruitment process:

  1. Apply online
    Your online application
  2. Pre-screening
    by Human Resources
  3. Interview video
    and personality test
  4. HR qualification meeting
    to get a better idea of your skills, experience and motivation and to discuss what we can accomplish together.
  5. Written test
    (depending on department requirements)
  6. Meeting with the Operations Manager
    to help you find your place in the department and broach every aspect of the position you’re going for, and of the working environment.
  7. Recruitment decision
  8. Integration
Whatever happens, be assured that our HR team will respond to your application at every stage, whether it is accepted or not, and that it will be handled in the strictest confidence.

INOWAI’s policies are based on diversity and equal opportunity. We select candidates on the basis of their abilities, regardless of their age, sex, origin, beliefs, disabilities or nationality. We are attentive to technical competencies but also to interpersonal skills.